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Top 10 tourist attractions in Mussoorie to explore during your stay at Hotel Milestone Inn and Spa

The lovely hill station of Mussoorie can be found in the state of Uttarakhand in the north of India. It is located in the foothills of the Garhwal Mountains. The picturesque town is well-known for the tranquil atmosphere, scenic beauty, and mild climate that it offers, all of which combine to make it an ideal destination for people who enjoy both nature and outdoor activities. Here is a list of the top 10 tourist sites in Mussoorie that you absolutely cannot miss if you are going to be staying at the Hotel Milestone Inn and Spa while you are there.

One of the most well-known destinations for vacationers in the area, Kempty Falls can be found near Mussoorie and is situated at an elevation of 1400 metres (4500 ft). The waterfall drops from a height of around 40 feet and collects water into a pool at its base, which guests can swim in to cool down on hot days.

Gun Hill is a well-known viewpoint in the town of Mussoorie, and with good reason: it provides breathtaking vistas over the city and the hills in the surrounding area. In order for guests to reach the summit of the hill and take in the beautiful views, a cable car trip is available.

Lal Tibba, also known as the Red Hill, is the highest point in Mussoorie and offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan range. Lal Tibba is also known as the Red Hill. To reach the peak of the hill, guests have the option of either taking a leisurely stroll or hiring a pony.

Mussoorie Lake is a tranquil area that is located a few kilometres away from the main part of town. Tourists can participate in boating and various other water activities here, and the scenery in the surrounding area is very breathtaking.

Jharipani Falls is a waterfall that can be seen on the Mussoorie-Jharipani Road. This waterfall is known for its beauty. Visitors can cool off in the natural pool that has formed at the base of the waterfall, which is encircled by verdant vegetation and is accessible on foot from the base of the waterfall.

Company Garden is a well-kept botanical garden in Mussoorie that serves as a popular location for group picnics and other outdoor activities. In addition to the many different kinds of flowers, plants, and trees that can be found here, guests also have the opportunity to go boating and participate in other activities.

Camel’s Back Road is a picturesque stretch of road in Mussoorie that is renowned among tourists for its scenic views and tranquil settings. The Camel’s Back Road is also known as the Camel’s Back Road. Guests are welcome to take their time and stroll along the road while taking in the crisp mountain air.

Another one of Mussoorie’s picture-perfect waterfalls is the Bhatta Falls, which can be found a short distance from the town proper. The waterfall is encircled by thick trees, which provide a peaceful environment for guests to unwind and relax in while they are there.

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected area that is located close to Mussoorie and is home to a wide diversity of flora and animals. The natural splendour of the area can be discovered through activities such as hiking and birdwatching by tourists that come here.

At the very end of the Mussoorie-Kempty Road is a stretch of land known as Cloud’s End. This stretch of land is known for its seclusion. Picnics and hikes in the great outdoors are quite common activities at this location due to its breathtaking vistas of the hills and valleys in the area.

In conclusion, the hill station of Mussoorie is a delightful location that provides guests with a variety of opportunities to engage in and sights to see during their time there. There is something enjoyable for people of all ages and interests to do in this area, from vistas and waterfalls to botanical gardens and wildlife sanctuaries. If you are thinking about going on holiday to Mussoorie, then you should make it a point to visit these top 10 tourist attractions while you are a guest at the Hotel Milestone Inn and Spa.